HTML5 Games

A collection of simple but original HTML5 games that I have made since late 2015 with the awesome Construct 2.

Rain Runner 2 Screen Shot

Firerunner is a simple platformer where you have to make it home whilst avoiding the flames.

Click here to play Firerunner

Navigate obstacles whilst falling from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Click here to play Freefall (mobile friendly)

Work your way through various levels of increasing difficulty. The first game that I made! Pretty tricky...My best time is 12m 46s!

Click here to play The Hardest Platform Game in the World

Pachinko Pinball is a pinball type game based loosely on the Japenese game of Pachinko!

Click here to play Pachinko Pinball (mobile friendly)

Circle of Death - make your way through various levels avoiding the obstacles as you go - very difficult!

Click here to play Circle of Death

Test your reflexes with Speed Touch - can you complete the game? - 'cos I can't!

Click here to play Speed Touch

Test your skills of recollection with the matching game - Semaphore.

Click here to play Semaphore

Another more difficult matching game - Simple Symbol!

Click here to play Simple Symbol

Navigate 10 levels to get the red square home safely in Rain Runner 1.

Click here to play Rain Runner 1

The red square returns in Rain Runner 2.

Click here to play Rain Runner 2

The last game in the Rain Runner series.

Click here to play Rain Runner 3

Random decision maker with the random element generated by the amount of
empty beer cans in my bin!

Click here to use the Random Decision Maker (mobile friendly)

Learn your ABC digital flash cards. Download and use in the classroom.

Alphabet (ABC) flash cards (mobile friendly)

Can the invaders win this time?

Invaders Revenge

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